Marketing Operations Delivered

Stay focused on KPIs that matters. Retain the expertise needed to architect and build the requisite technology stack for your demand gen and growth team.

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CMS Authoring Workflow

Provide an authoring workflow for your demand gen team that complements your currently branded website. Present a consistent digital brand value proposition during user acquisition.

acquisition top-of-funnel
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User Journeys/Personas

Create user personas and smart lists based on prospect profile and they're activity within your website and app. Enable nurture systems to drive usage, retention, and virality.

user journey personas
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Analytics + Support

Above all else, your success translates to ours. Baseline analytics to measure your success is built based on your KPIs and established metrics. Need advanced data science, we can help.

customer success analytics
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Tactical, actionable MarOps implementation for growth and demand gen teams

The Book

We are writing the book on Marketing Operations Modeling — and it's purely tactical and actionable content that you can use today.

Whether you are a one-person marketing team, a growing startup, or a mid-sized enterprise, you need systems and technologies that just works seamlessly so you can collaborate efficiently with your sales team.

This book would guide you step-by-step to implement systems for your growth and demand generation team.

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A modern and scalable demand gen and growth stack starts with implementing stable and sound technology solutions that are familiar to your team, yet powerful to do its job. Setting up these systems is a daunting task. Use modr to short-cut the trial and error process, reducing cost and ramp time in filling your sales pipeline with quality leads.

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